Inside Another Gift

One gift is great, but two gifts are even better. Instead of just giving a piece of jewelry, buy another gift to go along with it. The gift can be related or just make a good holder for the jewelry. The recipient opens the outer gift, expecting that there’s nothing else. When they open the gift, though, they get the second surprise, which is your so thoughtfully selected piece of jewelry.Inside Another GiftHere are some fitting gift options that work for the outer gift:

  • A jewelry box: Your significant other’s new piece of jewelry needs a permanent storage spot to stay safe and clean when they’re not wearing it. Buy a pretty wooden jewelry box as the outer gift. Tuck the jewelry inside the jewelry box, with or without the packaging from the jewelry store.
  • A stuffed animal: If your significant other thinks stuffed animals are adorable, get them a new one to serve as the larger gift for the jewelry presentation. Tuck the box with the jewelry inside on the stuffed animal’s lap for the grand reveal. Another approach is to place the jewelry on the stuffed animal so it looks like the animal is wearing it.
  • A box of chocolates: Jewelry and chocolates make a classic combination. If the lucky recipient loves chocolates, buy a big box of chocolates. Remove a few of the chocolate candies to make room for the jewelry. Put the jewelry in the spot, and close the box so it looks like new. When your sweetheart goes to choose their favorite chocolate, they’ll get an even sweeter surprise.
  • A decorative jar: Nestle the jewelry inside a decorative opaque jar with a lid. Once your recipient opens the gift, they can place the jar on a shelf. Each time they see the jar, they’ll remember your thoughtful gift.
  • A plant: Brighten your spouse’s day with a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful houseplant. Make that plant even more attractive with the piece of jewelry tucked down into it. Nestle the entire box down between the stems of the plant or hang the jewelry itself around a stem. If you do go this route, it’s a good idea to tie the jewelry to the stem with ribbon so it doesn’t get lost.
  • A handbag: Any woman can use an extra purse in her accessories collection. Buy your significant other a new purse, and leave the jewelry inside the gift. When she checks out all of the pockets and other features of the purse, she stumbles across the jewelry. You get bonus points if the jewelry coordinates with the handbag you choose.
  • A gift you know they’ll love: This presentation option is very flexible. Think of gifts you know the recipient would like. Is there one that would work well for hiding jewelry inside for the gift presentation?

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